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The active component of Fincar is called Finasteride. This preparation is intended for the symptomatic treatment of such male-specific condition as benign prostatic hyperplasia or simply enlarged prostate. This drug acts by reducing the size of the prostate gland and thus reducing the risk of retention of urine and the need for operative treatment of BPH.
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Fincar 5mg

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What is Fincar?
Fincar is a medication indicated for medicamentous therapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition which results in urination problems due to the enlarged prostatic gland. It contains Finasteride as main ingredient, which is a synthetic enzyme that inhibits the male hormone dihydrotestosterone. As a result the prostatic gland shrinks and BPH symptoms are relieved. By inhibiting dihydrotestosterone the drug also stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth in men.

When is Fincar prescribed?
Fincar is licensed to treat only male patients and is prescribed for BPH and male pattern baldness treatment. It is applied in male urology to alleviate the symptoms of the enlarged prostate, such as frequent urges for urination, urinary hesitancy, painful or dribble urination. It is also prescribed to cure androgenic alopecia and reverse balding in men with moderate hair loss in all areas of the scalp, including temples, vertex and the front.

How to take Fincar?
Fincar comes in tablet form and is indicated for oral administration. The therapeutic regimen should be prescribed by the doctor depending on the treated condition. As a rule the dose for androgenic alopecia treatment is 1 mg q24h. The dose for BPH therapy is 5 mg q24h. Tablets may be taken regardless to meals but preferably at one and the same time every day.

What are Fincar side effects?
Fincar is generally well tolerated but as the case may be it can spur some side effects such as decreased libido, reversible erectile dysfunction and reduced amount of semen released. In rare cases it may provoke breast tenderness, testicular pain and allergic reactions such as hives, wheezing or unexplained skin rash. Despite sexual effects are the most common types of suspected adverse reactions to the agent, report to your physician immediately if you feel that something just doesn’t seem right to you.

When is Fincar contraindicated?
Fincar is not intended for use in female patients. Men with individual intolerance to the drug preparation components, including Finasteride, and men with early history of allergy to Finasteride containing medications must avoid taking the drug. Before initiation of the treatment with the drug inform your physician if you have any allergies to foods, preservatives or dyes, or if you suffer from a liver disease, including cirrhosis.