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Generic Flagyl
Flagyl is an antiprotozoal and antibacterial medication active against certain parasites and anaerobic bacteria with metronidazole as its active agent. This preparation is administered in terms of the therapy of bacterial and protozoal infections of various body parts - the stomach, respiratory tract, joints, skin, vagina, bones and central nervous system.
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Generic Flagyl 200mg

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Generic Flagyl 400mg

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What is Flagyl?
Flagyl is an oral drug that is often referred to as “Metronidazole”. It is a synthetic antibacterial and antiprotozoal agent that belongs to the group of antibiotics that are known as nitroimidazoles. These antibiotics are able to effectively stop the growth and development of anaerobic bacteria and protozoa. It does so by selectively blocking several of the functions within the parasites and the bacterial cells, causing their death. Thus, Flagyl is used in the treatment of protozoal and bacterial infections and not viral infections.

What are the indications for using Flagyl?
Medical practitioners prescribe Flagyl to patients who are suffering from bacterial or protozoal infections. It is effective in treating bacterial infections such as bacterial vaginosis, anaerobic infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and Pseudomembranous colitis. Flagyl can also treat dental bacterial infections. Flagyl is prescribed to people with protozoal infections such as Giardiasis, Trichomoniasis, and Amoebiasis. Flagyl can also be combined with anti-ulcer medications and antibiotics to treat some forms of stomach ulcers. It is not effective in treating viral infections such as the common cold and the flu.

What is the dosage of Flagyl?
Generic Flagyl comes in tablets with 200 mg and 400 mg strength and is usually taken two to three times a day for 5 days or more. The exact dosage and treatment period depends on the patient’s specific medical condition, the type of infection, and on the patient’s response to therapy. The exact dosage should be determined by a medical practitioner. Flagyl should be consumed either with food or with a glass of water or milk. This is helpful in preventing an upset stomach.

What are the contraindications for using Flagyl?
Flagyl should not be taken by individuals who are allergic to metronidazole or to similar drugs. It should never be used during the first trimester of pregnancy or while breast feeding as it can hurt the baby. Flagyl should not be used by patients who are suffering from any nerve disorders, liver, stomach, or intestinal disease. It is not prescribed to people with a blood cell disorder, such as leukopenia or anemia, or to epilepsy or seizure disorder patients.

What are the adverse effects of Flagyl?
Flagyl has been known to cause some mild side effects. It can be the cause of diarrhea, dizziness, stomach pain, coughing, loss of balance, or a metallic taste in the mouth. Other mild side effects include vaginal itching or an abnormal vaginal discharge, runny or stuffy nose, or a swollen tongue. It can also cause serious side effects such as vision problems, numbness in the hands or feet, pain while urinating, muscle pain, white patches or sores on the lips or inside the mouth. Flagyl can also cause watery or bloody diarrhea, tremors, slurred speech, seizures, muscle twitching, and behavior changes. It can also be the cause of severe skin reactions such as blisters, swelling of the face or tongue, and burning in the eyes. If you notice any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately!