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Generic Florinef
Florinef (Fludrocortisone acetate) is a corticosteroid indicated for the treatment of conditions due to adrenal disorders, such as adrenogenital syndrome and Addison’s disease. It comes in tablets for oral administration with 0.1 mg strength. The dosing schedule depends on the severity of disease and is patient-specific.
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Generic Florinef 100 mcg

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What is Florinef?
Florinef is a popular drug used to treat adrenal insufficiency. It was developed over half a century ago by the Citron pharmaceutical company under the full name fludrocortisone acetate and received FDA approval in 1955. Due to its efficiency, it has been added to the World Health Organization's List of Essential medicines, proving its importance in its niche. Florinef acts as a replacement and booster of cortisol in the body when not enough of the hormone is produced. It also causes the kidneys to retain sodium at healthy levels.

What are the indications for using Florinef?
Florinef is recommended and indicated for the treatment of the following conditions:
  • Addison's disease. This is a rare endocrine disorder that affects the adrenal glands and causes the body to respond inadequately in times of stress or crisis. Symptoms of this disease are nonspecific in daily life, but can be severe when the patient ends up in dangerous situations or gets injured.
  • Cerebral salt-wasting syndrome. This is another endocrine disorder characterized by sodium deficiency in the blood. It can be caused by brain tumors or trauma, and it's symptoms include excessive urination, salt cravings, and dehydration.
What is the dosage of Florinef?
Florinef is supplied in the form of 0.1mg tablets. The standard dosage for treatment of Addison's disease is 0.1mg three times a week though individual recommendations by doctors may bump the dose up to 0.2mg tablets daily. The dosage for the cerebral salt-wasting syndrome is similar, constituting 0.1-0.2mg taken once a day. To get the best results from the treatment, consult a doctor and get individual dosage recommendations.

What are the contraindications for using Florinef?
Florinef should not be taken by patients allergic to its active substance and those taking antidiabetic drugs, potassium-depleting diuretics, estrogen, oral anticoagulants, aspirin, barbiturates, and glycosides. Other patients that are at risk include those with a fungal infection, blood clots, diabetes, brittle bones, kidney disease, heart problems, and several other conditions listed on the manufacturer's website.

What are the adverse effects of Florinef?
You should get urgent medical care if you find yourself experiencing edema, muscle weakness, loss of vision, ulcer, elevated pressure inside the eye or skull and water retention. Milder side effects may include fatigue, headache, insomnia, increased sweating, indigestion, increased hair growth, menstrual cycle changes, depression, stretch marks and weight gain.