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Generic Priligy
Priligy has been created specially for those men who have such delicate sexual problem as premature ejaculation. It is a preparation with Dapoxetine (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor as well as antidepressant) as its active agent. Priligy works by increasing the average time of sexual intercourse through preventing premature ejaculation.
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Generic Priligy 60 mg

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What is Priligy?
Priligy, or Dapoxetine as it is also known, is one of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) which can be used as an effective treatment of premature ejaculation. It works by blocking the serotonin transporter. This increases the serotonin’s action in the post-syneptic cleft and prolongs the intra-vaginal ejaculation latency time. This means that the man does not ejaculate prematurely. Unlike most of the other SSRIs, Priligy can be used when required and as few as 3 hours prior to intercourse.

What are the indications for using Priligy?
Priligy is prescribed to men who reach an orgasm too quickly. This is a condition in which a man ejaculates too quickly during intercourse, before the partner is satisfied. It can be used by adult men who are between the ages of 18 and 64. This drug is most often prescribed to men whose ELT (ejaculatory latency time) is less than two minutes and to those who ejaculate with a minimal amount of sexual stimulation before or right after penetration.

What is the dosage of Priligy?
Priligy comes in the form of 30mg and 60 mg film-coated tablets. It is recommended that patients start with a minimal dose of 30mg, about 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse. If the patient does not respond to the starting 30mg dosage and is not experiencing any adverse effects, the dose can be increased to 60mg, to be consumed 1-3 hours before intercourse. It should only be taken when sexual activity is anticipated and is not intended for everyday use. Priligy can only be taken a single time during 24 hour period.

What are the contraindications for using Priligy?
Priligy shouldn’t be used if you’re allergic to Priligy or its components. It is also contraindicated for men who are suffering from severe kidney disease, liver disease, bleeding disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, and unstable epilepsy. It should not be used by men who have a serious heart condition or a history of orthostatic hypotension. Priligy is unsafe if taken with monoamine oxidase inhibitor medications as well as several other drugs. If you use any medication, seek advice from your doctor before taking Priligy.

What are the adverse effects of Priligy?
Priligy has been known to cause some mild side effects such as headaches, blurred vision, dry mouth, irritability, and nausea. Some of the more serious side effects include extreme light-headedness when standing up, mood swings, fits or seizures, and suicidal thoughts.