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Tadalafil Soft

Tadalafil Soft
Tadalafil Soft is an effective drug that helps fight erectile dysfunction. The main benefit of this preparation is that it is produced in the form of chewable tablets; therefore, its absorption starts in the oral cavity and it gets into the blood much sooner than in the case of traditional pills. Tadalafil Soft works by improving blood flow, which causes erection.
  • Manufacture: Centurion, Dharam
  • Expire Date: Mar 2025
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Tadalafil Soft 20mg

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Tadalafil Soft Flavored 20 mg

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What is Tadalafil Soft?
Tadalafil Soft is a drug for male impotence treatment. It is a potent PDE5 inhibitor that increases blood supply to the genital area and relaxes muscle tissue in the area, assisting in achieving and maintaining erection. It is available in chewable tablets with 20 mg strength and provides up to 36 hours effect. Easy to take tablets is a great alternative to solid tablets that are often poorly digested. Moreover they do not require water or any other liquid to be washed down and due to fast absorption that starts already in the mouth cavity they work faster, at the same time preserving the drug-induced action period.

When is Tadalafil Soft indicated?
Apart from restoring male sexual performance, Tadalafil Soft is also indicated for erectile dysfunction treatment. The drug is also prescribed for symptomatic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) to relieve the symptoms of urinary obstruction. It is a drug of choice for male patients with manifestations of both illnesses symptoms – prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug is not addictive and secures a stable level of testosterone on the body.

How to take Tadalafil Soft?
Tadalafil Soft is intended for use when needed and should be taken at least 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. Due to the improved form of release of the medicinal agent neither food nor drinks would interrupt or slow down the action of the pills. The drug-induced action lasts up to 36 hours. One can easily achieve erection during this period of time if sexually stimulated. Let at least 24 hours pass before taking another pill.

What are Tadalafil Soft side effects?
Due to vasodilative effect the drug produces, Tadalafil Soft may cause nasal blockage, running nose, headache or face flushing. These side effects are transient and disappear in several hours after the drug intake. In rare cases the drug can provoke back pain or muscle aches, which generally disappear in 48 hours.

When is Tadalafil Soft contraindicated?
Tadalafil Soft is contraindicated to female patients as well as to males younger 18 and older 80. It shouldn’t be used by patients with known sensitivity to Tadalafil as this can lead to exfoliative dermatitis or Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Coadministration with organic nitrates is unacceptable as it may potentiate the hypotensive effect of nitrates.