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V-excel is an herbal male enhancement remedy. It works in the same way as prescription drugs for ED, but has no side effects. Specially selected herbal formulation improves sexual function, raises libido and intensifies orgasms. Besides, it nourishes the whole body, removes toxins and boosts immunity. It has a cumulative effect and should be used long-term.
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What is V-excel?
The drug called V-excel is used as an effective treatment of erectile issues, particularly erectile dysfunction. The medication contains natural herbal ingredients, vitamins and essential amino acids that increase blood circulation, thus improving men’s ability to achieve erections. Moreover, it enhances the sensations experienced during intercourse as well as restores the ability to experience sexual arousal.

What are the indications for using V-excel?
The drug is prescribed by medical specialists for erectile dysfunction. The men who were diagnosed with this condition experience inability to achieve prolonged and firm erection to continue sexual activities. V-excel promotes an increased blood flow to genitals, improves the erections and enhances the libido.

Any other uses of the drug besides erectile dysfunction should be agreed with your medical advisor.

What is the dosage of V-excel?
Similar to other erectile dysfunction medications, such as Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Sildenafil Citrate, V-excel is prescribed to be consumed once a day before the intercourse. It is recommended to consume the pill with plenty of water one hour before you engage in any sexual activities. You should not consume more than one pill of V-excel a day and crush it before the consumption.

What are the contraindications for using V-excel?
This medication is created strictly for men, and it should never be consumed by children or women. Moreover, it should not be consumed by male patients under 18 years old. Before taking the medication, inform your health care specialist if you suffer from any severe problems with liver of kidneys. To avoid any dangerous drug interactions, you should mention to your medical specialist if you’re taking any nitrogen oxide, alpha-blockers, dietary supplements or other erectile dysfunction medications. Do not consume V-excel if you are sensitive or allergic to any inactive or active components of this medication.

What are the adverse effects of V-excel?
This erectile dysfunction medication contains natural ingredients, so severe adverse reactions to consuming V-excel are rare. If you notice any allergic reaction symptoms, which may include swelling of the lips, throat, and face, skin rash or any other individual reactions, you should receive medical help without hesitation. Mild adverse effects of consuming V-excel may include dizziness, headache, and drowsiness.