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VP-GL is a natural supplement with effective herbal formula designed to help men enhance their sexual experience and improve their sexual performance. This preparation increases sexual desire, vitality and stamina, it also promotes the enlargement of the penis and helps to prolong sexual intercourse as well as to get long-lasting and strong erection.
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What is VP-GL?
VP-GL is an herbal drug that is used to improve men’s sexual health. Herbal drugs are all-natural, and their ingredients are derived from plants and herbs with beneficial health effects. VP-GL contains natural substances that have been used for hundreds of years and have proved effective. On the surface, VP-GL looks like any other pill you would get at a local pharmacy, but the real value of the drug is in the natural substances inside. More specifically, each VP-GL gel pill contains Shu. Shilajit as well as the roots of Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Akkarkaro, Kali Musali, and Vidarikand; fruits of Jaifal; bark of Dalchini; flower buds of Lavang; seeds of Kaucha; and stems of Guduchi.

What are the indications for using VP-GL?
VP-GL is efficient in improving some sexual health problems. The first of them is low libido and potency. Low libido is a condition that every one in five men experiences in his life, characterized by very limited or absent sexual desire while potency refers to the man’s capability of attaining and maintaining an erection. By increasing blood flow to the penis and stimulating sexual receptors, the drug makes men much healthier in this regard. The second problem that should be mentioned is virility, or the quality and quantity of men’s sperm. Some men have a very low sperm count, making the conception of a child difficult. Finally, VP-GL is also often chosen to improve sexual satisfaction via enhancing penis size.

What is the dosage of VP-GL?
VP-GL is usually supplied in bottles with 60 capsules. The capsules should be administered orally. The recommended dosage of VP-GL is two tablets once a day. It is also recommended that the drug be taken after eating because this will facilitate its absorption. It is also important to keep the drug in a dry, cool, and light-free space.

What are the contraindications of using VP-GL?
VP-GL should not be taken by women, children, as well as anyone allergic to the drug or its active substances.

What are the adverse effects of VP-GL?
There are no recorded side effects of VP-GL use, but an overdose of the drug may cause an upset stomach. However, there is still a chance that you might be allergic to the components of VP-GL. Thus, if you notice any sign of an allergic reaction, stop taking VP-GL straight away and contact your doctor.